Empty hashtags when searching

I’ve been using a public mastodon server for a while and thought about getting my own instance up for friends and family. I love the bubble concept so I decided to try Akkoma.
I think I have it set up properly (docker with traefik as a reverse proxy). I can follow, see posts in known networks and the bubble I set up.

I’m not sure if I have an issue with hashtags though. When I search a hashtag, does it only query my local instance or does it go out the the known networks or bubbles. At the moment every hashtag I search for is empty.

Thanks for any help!

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I believe the tag search shifts through The Whole Known Network. If the search results are empty it’s most probably because a post with the hashtag yer looking for simply hasn’t reached yer instance. Do try with something more broad like “#cat” or “#art” and see what that yields.

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Thanks for the reply!
I tried searching a few hashtags that are trending on one of the instances in my bubble (so there are quite a few posts using that hashtag) but am still getting an empty search result.
#cat yields nothing but #art gets quite a few results.

It seems to me that the # search doesn’t give any special preference to bubbles, I’m not sure if that’s by design though.

Have the posts with the tag been discovered by yer instance? (e.g. copy paste the address from the post and perform a search with that)

It looks like they haven’t been discovered as nothing shows up under posts or hashtags.

I’m not sure how discovery works on activitypub. Is there an amount of time I need to wait for my instance to “sync” up a bit more?

A good example is #worldcup. That is being used across a load of different instances (including instances in my known network" and it’s only showing one result under post search and under the hashtag search.

Most commonly yer instance will automatically discover the posts of the people yer users follow, or have an interaction with (e.g. favoriting, repeating, commenting)

So if ye follow a single user in a separate instance, ye won’t be getting all the posts from that instance; only the ones from that single user.

As for the bubble timeline, I believe it doesn’t do discovery by itself; rather it’s a compilation of the discovered posts from the selected instances. So they’d need to be discovered first, and then they would be accessible through the search or bubble features.

There’s also the relay feature which helps in discovery by subscribing to one, and getting instance’s posts without needing to interact with them, but I wouldn’t be able to help ye much with that since I have not used that function in particular.

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That makes sense. I think that’s why joining a well established instance may be easier than setting up your own if you want the breadth of conversation on the fediverse.
I think though that bubbles should allow a tighter integration to an instance but maybe that is meant for relays.

Relays look interesting and I’ll investigate a bit more.

Thanks for all your help, much appreciated!

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I don’t know how related it is but I was not getting any hashtag results until I set up meilisearch.

Reporting back… The issue was indeed that my instance didn’t know about many other instances. Adding a bunch of relays and hashtags are far more populated


@amino actually I’ve some relays set up

Last Akkoma OTP release, BTW, updated yesterday.