Emoji management improvements

Akkoma’s emoji management has been pretty lacking recently especially compared to other software.

In no particular order, the following limitations I’ve run into as of late:

  • can’t move emojis between categories
  • can’t add aliases to emojis
  • can’t import from zip
  • emojis HAVE to be in a category - which means I have an ever growing misc category, and combined with being unable to move them to a different category means it becomes an unorganized mess
  • limited ability to “steal” emojis from other instances; the only options are:
    • the emoji stealer MRF, which is basically an all-or-nothing thing
    • querying for emoji packs from another pleroma/akkoma instance, which appears to have been broken for quite some time

This makes it pretty hard to add new emojis especially as an admin that’s pretty open to users suggesting new ones to be added.

hmm. I have taken to right clicking and saving a specific emoji, then uploading. Steal Emoji MRF leaves me with a lot I do not want.

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I just upload mine into folders for each category within the emoji folder, and set them as such in the settings. If I want to move any, I just move them from folder A to folder B

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