Docker not allowing reverse proxy

I’m installing in docker as the docs say to, using reverse proxy. When running, this is the error i get:

akko@LunarServer:~/akkoma$ sudo ./docker-resources/
validating /home/akko/akkoma/docker-compose.yml: services.akkoma Additional property proxy is not allowed
validating /home/akko/akkoma/docker-compose.yml: services.akkoma Additional property proxy is not allowed

I cant find anything to fix this anywhere, any help would be appreciated.
For troubleshooting purposes, heres my caddyfile and docker-compose.yml


# default docker Caddyfile config for Akkoma
# Simple installation instructions:
# 1. Replace 'example.tld' with your instance's domain wherever it appears.  {
  log {
    output file /var/log/caddy/akkoma.log

  encode gzip

  reverse_proxy akkoma:4000


version: "3.7"

    image: akkoma-db:latest
    build: ./docker-resources/database
    shm_size: 4gb
    restart: unless-stopped
    user: ${DOCKER_USER}
    environment: {
      # This might seem insecure but is usually not a problem.
      # You should leave this at the "akkoma" default.
      # The DB is only reachable by containers in the same docker network,
      # and is not exposed to the open internet.
      # If you do change this, remember to update "config.exs".
      POSTGRES_DB: akkoma,
      POSTGRES_USER: akkoma,
      POSTGRES_PASSWORD: akkoma,
      - .env 
      - type: bind
        source: ./pgdata
        target: /var/lib/postgresql/data

    image: akkoma:latest
    build: .
    restart: unless-stopped
      - .env
      - db
    ports: [
      # Uncomment/Change port mappings below as needed.
      # The left side is your host machine, the right one is the akkoma container.
      # You can prefix the left side with an ip.

      # Webserver (for reverse-proxies outside of docker)
      # If you use a dockerized proxy, you can leave this commented
      # and use a container link instead.
      - .:/opt/akkoma

   # Uncomment the following if you want to use a reverse proxy
     image: caddy:2-alpine
     restart: unless-stopped
       - akkoma
     ports: [
       - ./docker-resources/Caddyfile:/etc/caddy/Caddyfile
       - ./caddy-data:/data
       - ./caddy-config:/config

the issue is a very very minor indentation one, rendering it invalid yaml

remove a single space before the word proxy, such that it lines up with the akkoma block above it