Docker Akkoma instance doesn't work anymore after update

Hey, so. I have a single-user Akkoma instance via Docker that I decided to update via the instructions on the Docker install page (near the bottom). I did this because I remember there being a security update not too long ago and wanted to make sure my instance was secure. I updated it (although ran into a few out-of-memory errors in the process that I fixed), and now it refuses to show anything and the main akkoma_1 instance just keeps rebooting after a few minutes. Any ideas on how to fix it? And if not, is there any way to get a hold of my instance’s database so I can import it into a non-akkoma instance? Thanks in advance!

(OS I am running it on is Debian 12 x64, for the record)

you can check the logs to be sure, but the most common problem i’ve seen with this update is people not setting the upload base_url. See for examples Akkoma stable 2024.03 - Securer? I barely know her!

tried adding those media domain entries to my config (prod.secret.exs) and rebuilt the docker instance, but that didn’t seem to work. keeps crashing at 100% cpu usage with the same issues

without logs there’s very little we can do to diagnose or help you - please do check them

where would i find the locations of those? would this be the log i generated with Caddy or would this be somewhere else? i have a erl_crash.dump file if that helps

docker stdout

you should be able to get them with docker logs, or by starting the compose in the foreground

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oh, that’s weird. when i ran docker-compose up in the akkoma directory it just… works? yet when i ran the command from the upgrade guide in the docs it kept crashing. weird. gonna try it detached but i think that will also work too, so

EDIT: yeah it works detached now too. odd! i guess that solves my problem.