Deepl and emails

Hey, I installed the OTP release and it seems my server has trouble sending emails.
When I tell it so resend them via CLI, they get delivered though. I haven’t activated deepl translator, nor entered an api key, but my log has frequent 403 errors for deepl.
So my guess is, that it tries to translate emails before sending them. But since I don’t have a api key, this never succeeds?
Any idea on how to solve this?

the issues are unrelated - the deepl ones are just from a frontend issue that was fixed via Add enabled check on /translation/languages · 5123b3a5dd - akkoma - Akkoma Development

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Thanks for the info. So the next release will fix the deepl issue and emails not being sent immediately must be something different?

yeah - i’m not sure what would be preventing emails from being sent

do you know what email didn’t send that you’d expect to have been sent?

I disabled registration, so people needed an invitation link.
Afterwards they needed to confirm the registration, I’ll test it again today to see, which email exactly don’t get delivered.

Okay, everything seems to work fine, i guess it was just some DKIM misconfiguration, spam filters and messed up memories. :slight_smile:
Thanks you for the support, i look forward to the next release. :smiley:

oh nice, well that solves that one eh

coolio, hopefully everything else works!

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Yes, everything else seems to work so far. :slight_smile:
And the custom emoji reactions are totally awesome. Too bad i haven’t found any software except akkoma to accept them.