Dealing with spam signups

Are there any good ways to prevent spam signups aside from switching to invite only? I’d like to allow people to request to join easily, but it seems bots want to ruin this.

you can turn on approvals

yes, the approvals are what was being spammed.

with the capcha on? :thinking:

then it was working as intended, not quite sure what else you’d expect it to do

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yes, someone was spamming obviously automatic signup requests with no reason attached despite the captcha.

i had to disable signup requests completely as to not have to pay exorbitant fees for sending out a bajillion emails about it to myself.

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yeah, unfortunately it seems that captchas are nonfunctional in this day and age, since they are too easily bypassed or outsourced to third world countries.

i’m just going to tell people to manually email me the old fashioned way if they want an invite code. that should stop most people who don’t read the giant text at the top of the rules page.

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note: this seems to have worked well, as a cool person emailed me to join and i gave them a manual invite. seems better than automatic applications tbh