Custom CSS for Pleroma-FE?

hello! I’d like to change the looks of the pleroma-fe more than the options in the UI built-in settings - specially adjust font sizes, padding, colors, etc.

Normally I’d look for some css files to edit, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to do that for Akkoma.

Is this possible, and if so, which files would I need to edit? Alternatively, is there a “custom css” option like there are with some other front ends?

Thanks for making such a great fork!

currently there isn’t a way to do this, but if you can wait… 4 days i can get this into the next release


Off topic @FloatingGhost. How do I know when a release is made? Dumb question I know but whenever I follow/watch a repo, I get emails for all the activity that happens in repo. Is there a way to get alerts only for release?

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@FloatingGhost, This red circled one? This is what confuses me. I do this at GitHub but it sends all the activity for the repo. Isn’t the behaviour the same with the repo manager used by Akkoma?

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ooooh awesome! Thank you so much @FloatingGhost that would be great!

done and done

Static Directory - Akkoma Documentation for develop docs

will go stable this weekend


so cool @FloatingGhost ! I’ve been running a from-source installation, and I switched from “stable” to “develop”, did a git pull, then followed the instructions for updating.

Should the details in Static Directory - Akkoma Documentation be working now?

So far I’ve been able to change thumbnail, instance panel, favicon, and logo… but not the CSS. I’ve added a custom.css file to (what I think is) the right path, but it doesn’t appear to be affecting my instance - even with “!important”

thanks so much!

you’re probably placing it one level too low

there’s usually a double ‘static’ in the path, the default being instance/static/static/custom.css

oh, and you may need to update pleroma-fe to develop as well (youll have to change the ‘ref’ in config/admin-fe)

aha! I updated pleroma-fe to develop and that did the trick! I changed the ‘ref’ in the admin-fe as well as prod.secret.exs, but the develop branch of pleroma-fe didn’t get downloaded/installed until I added “–ref develop” to the install command.

That might be what I was supposed to do anyway, I just didn’t grok it at first.

But it’s working now, my custom css is working! Thank you SO MUCH for adding this functionality. You’re awesome