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Hello dear akkoma people. :slight_smile:

tldr: relay may break soon anyway, so don’t bother right now.

I wanted to pull certain hashtags to my instance and was recommended to use
Sadly this seems to be mostly tailored towards mastodon and apparently does not work with my akkoma instance.
pleroma_ctl relay list offers the same info to every tag relay i tried to subscribe to: - no Accept received (relay didn't follow back)

So i guess akkoma expects the relay to follow back, but this never happens. Is this something which i should expect to be tackled on the side of akkoma, or is this clearly a bug in the relay?

Misskey apparently also has trouble getting info from the relay: Unable to subscribe to relays from Misskey · Issue #2 · astro/buzzrelay · GitHub

After further digging, i noticed that the relay may break soon, as mastodon merged a pull request to disable anonymous access to the streaming api:

I’ll leave this here for reference and would say that this issue can be left alone, until it is clear, if the relay will work in the future.

fwiw, i think that message is just wrong :confused: At first glance from the code, it first lists all “following”, then it lists all pending follow requests made by the Akkoma relay-actor. And those pending get a parameter followed_back: false which later results in that message. Maybe it should be tested to be sure, but I think the message should be more something like no Accept received (remote relay didn't accept the follow request).

So then the question is why we don’t see an Accept.

It may be unneeded in this case, but if it ever becomes needed again, I’ve done similar debugging here for a different issue Can't follow accounts on Pixelfed instances (#2790) · Issues · Pleroma / pleroma · GitLab (always nice if you document your things for later use, hehe). Basically, first check if we get the Accept-activity on the http proxy. If we do, the question is why Akkoma doesn’t process it further. If we don’t, someone should check if they see something wrong on’s end.