Config Files to edit for webfinger

Hello lovely people.
I’ve had Akkoma up and running for about a month via a docker install on
I finally moved some services around and have a webserver on so I updated the nginx server block with the relevant code to get my instance to use a different domain name.

I’ve been trying to follow but the page does not specify the config file to modify for a docker environment. I am guessing it might be generated_config.exs but the fact it’s generated has me a little suspicious.
Can someone confirm which file I should be adding the Pleroma.Web.WebFinger setting?

Also, is this a good idea considering I have been up and running for a while or will I get issues from other instances?


I think I’m being a bit silly. The file to edit is obviously prod.secret.exs
I have done this and set up the redirect in nginx and a lookup using seems to be good, however I can’t find myself by doing a search for my user using only

I think I’m closer…