Changing from one platform (firefish) to another (akkoma)

Hello all.

I have a rather unique use case, I think. I want to change platforms from firefish to akkoma. I need to keep my domain but i am not invested in keeping everything else. sure the posts will likely disappear or be orphaned for everyone, but at this point, I just want to keep my domain.

My understanding is that my instance identifier is all that I need to transpose.

At first, I thought to try and map the firefish data structures to akkoma and build an SQL script to migrate the data that way, but that is proving far more involved than I had anticipated.

So … I am hoping someone here has done something similar and can advise me.

the software are entirely unrelated so there is no possible way to retain anything except followers

i would not advise using exactly the same domain, since if you want to use the same username, you’ll end up with other instances getting really confused - i would recommend setting up akkoma on a subdomain then using the account migration function to shift your followers between instances


yeah, i couldn’t use the migration function anyway - admins can’t migrate.

so i could use the same domain but a different username?

One problem is that it’s not just Akkoma at that point, different software handles things differently and this can lead to unexpected situations for those as well, causing all kind of federation problems.

As for migrating in place, it has been done before from gnu social and from mastodon, but it’s not trivial as you already noticed, and you need more than just putting everything in a new DB structure. For example, you also need to keep things fetchable over their AP-id’s. And I suspect those to be very different on Misskey than on Akkoma. See also where this was also talked about.

In both cases, you can always try, but I do not advise it, it’s at your own risk, etc.

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i see.

i wish i had spent more time learning all the flavours before settling for my domain. cos now i am basically stuck or change my domain

You could keep your domain and create a subdomain for akkoma.
Like or whatever comes to your mind.

I just switched my domain from the last Calckey stable a few days ago. I wanted to keep the same username so I deleted my account on Calckey, and then wiped the server to install Akkoma. I had no issues importing my follows and reconnecting with everyone. I followed a mix of Mastodon, Hometown, Glitch, Hajkey, Misskey, and Calckey users

was your account the admin tho?

i am not sure i can delete my account since it’s the admin account.

i was going to see if i could somehow make another account the admin and then it make it easier

i tried it on my dev instance… created a new admin on firefish, deleted my old account, spun up akkoma with the same domain, created a new account with the old name and was able to see accounts i had followed before just fine. so this will be my move for my main domain.

thanks for all the help, all.

i appreciate all of you. <3


Awesome! Yes my account was an admin account but I did have a second admin account for the about page as well - glad it worked for you too!

I’m on a similar train for now - I want to transfer my account in-place the other way around, from Akkoma to Firefish. Say I have a subdomain for Akkoma, currently, so can I do the following?

  • Install Firefish on
  • Export my data from social.e
  • Move my account to firefish.e, and import my posts
  • Wait for my contact list to get the memo, and shut down Akkoma at social.e
  • Install Firefish a second time at social.e
  • Move my account from firefish.e back into social.e, and reimport my posts
  • Wait for my contacts to get the memo once again, and shut down Firefish at firefish.e

I believe I have already answered this

i have a plan to examine the database of both platforms in detail and see if i can’t come up with a migration script (or scripts) that might work. i just haven’t gotten very far with that plan yet.

i’ll update here (if i am allowed) if and when i have more info to share.

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