Change favicon, site logo using Pleroma FE or config.exs?

Can someone please share how do I change these? I don’t have admin-FE installed and am using only the Pleroma FE. Grateful in advance :pray:

Did not install admin-FE as I have not seen any settings for changing the favicon. Yes, can make changes to config.exs and can locate the static directory where these need to be placed.

Thank you!


please search the documentation before making a thread

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Thanks @FloatingGhost . I have looked at that and I’m still learning.

Is the static directory:




If you look at the Static directory documentation, it again points to you to the Configuration page.

Be it Mastodon or Pleroma, this is getting truer and truer.


yes, the static directory is configured by the configuration

it is wherever you have configured it to be

I’m on Akkoma + Mangane and that was the root cause of the whole issue.

On normal Pleroma-FE (or Akkoma FE if one would prefer to call that), it was as easy as adding

config :pleroma, :frontend_configurations,
  pleroma_fe: %{
   logo: "/static/mylogo-file.png"

Or for favicon, place it into $static_dir/favicon.png WITH the $static default being /var/lib/akkoma/static/

Please correct if I’m wrong here @FloatingGhost

Plerorma forked in two directions - Akkoma and Rebased. Akkoma for use with Akkoma/Pleroma FE, while Rebased for use with Soapbox. Like Pleroma, Front End developers too having different philosophies is also going to hurt us users in the long run. Sad situation really.

@FloatingGhost I was going for an Akkoma + Soapbox installation but acc. to Alex of Soapbox, Akkoma does not play well with injecting favicons into the document when using Soapbox as the FE.

Any fix or hack for this? Wouldn’t be too great if we’re locked in with only Akkoma and Mangane without having a choice. Mangane has a couple of features like ‘suggest users’ missing that Soapbox has. Plus the Admin FE also doesn’t open up from the Mangane FE and many other hence the reason for going with an Akkoma + Soapbox - just sharing.

please do not link Gleason here again, since that is a harmful link I’m actually going to have to invoke mod powers


Haha. That’s ok :slight_smile:

Back to my Q, any hack available to make Favicons appear when using Akkoma + Soapbox?

we do not support soapbox, any config is up to you too figure out

if it works, great, if not, We’re not providing support time to make it work

That’s sad :frowning:

Looks like I’ll have to go back to Clovis and hope he implements the missing features in Managane.