Certain image Uploads not working [ no error ]

tested in two browsers, uploads do not work suddenly, with no error message. the upload icon spins then stops, with no results.

not sure what to do. running second recent version of akkoma.


only certain images (exported png from krita ) will cause this issue.

also posts give an error, Error: t.text is undefined, so it appears totally broke.

restarted akkoma service on server, does not help. plenty of disk space free.

nobody can help you if you don’t give us logs to work with

sorry, journalctl does not appear to provide any useful output. the error appears when attempting to upload an image created with krita and gimp in combination.

is there a secondary logfile anywhere?

There’s no secondary logfiles on the server. My first advise is to check if you have upload filters and disable them to see if the problem is with one of those.

If that doesn’t help, do you have an example picture that fails for you? Maybe I can see if I get the same problem.

You can also check in the browser with F12 if you see errors there. Check the Console tab and try to upload to see if you get a message there. You can also check the Network tab and then try. You should see the request in the list. Select the request and check the Response tab. Maybe there’s something useful there.