Can't import blocked accounts csv file


I just moved from mastodon to an Akkoma instance (I’m a normal user, not admin). When I tried to import my blocked account list, seems like it doesn’t work.

The accounts would appear on the blocked account list, but all of them are not blocked. I have to block them again manually. Then if I refresh the page and check the blocked account list again, they are still not blocked.

Is there any way to import my blocked account?


i think this may be a UI issue - try going on the profiles that display as “unblocked”, they’ll probably actually be blocked, just displaying as not on the list

at least that’s how it behaves on my test instance

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I tried to export the block list from the akkoma instance and it only has 20 accounts (less than my original list).

Is 20 the maximum limit for blocked list on akkoma?

i believe that’d be a bug with the frontend again

no, there is no limit on how many accounts you can block

however there is a limit on how many you can list with a single API call, which is indeed 20

so i would think export is bugged

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ahh ok, thanks for the explanation