Can't create posts after updating to 3.11 (2024.02)

I am unable to create posts anymore, I get Error: t.text is undefined.

I have done journalctl -fu akkoma in my server, and I see [error] Internal server error: %RuntimeError{message: ":length option for Plug.Parsers.MULTIPART must be an integer"}.
I’m unsure how I could fix this issue. I can’t find anything about it, I know that is always coming up though. As well as error 500.

Also apologies I didn’t post as much logs as I could, it is late I will do probably in the morning.

I’m mostly sure it’s an elixir issue similar to this

this sounds like you have misconfigurer your max upload size

make sure it’s an integer

thank you, that seems to have fixed the issue! :smile:
don’t know why it was fine before though, maybe upload limit can’t have decimals anymore? unsure, but it has worked!
not sure how u close a topic, i guess you do that? thanks