Brand new to hosting fediverse stuff and need some help migrating from pleroma

Hello hello! So I’m trying to migrate to Akkoma from Pleroma and for some reason the “git pull -r” isnt doing anything giving me the message “you are not currently on a branch please specify what branch you want to rebase against.” I know there’s a super simple solution but I have no idea what it is…

I’d also like to mention that again I have no idea what im doing. All I’ve done so far is go to Migrating to Akkoma - Akkoma Documentation and do what it instructs me.

I’m migrating to Akkoma from a plemora source install on ubuntu server

I’m not an expert, I’ve only done this once, some time ago, and since then I switched to OTP release myself as a fresh install. As I recall it though it was really as straight forward as the instructions (on the link you provided) suggest.

Have you done the steps described previous to the “git pull -r”, without errors?

This is what the instructions on that link say:

git remote set-url origin
git fetch origin
git pull -r
# or, if you're on an instance-specific branch, you may want
# to run "git merge stable" instead (or develop if you want)

There is also a warning following that, in case you are on the Pleroma Develop branch (which I wasn’t) which you might have to take into account…?