Arm64 OTP releases

according to Installing on Linux using OTP releases - Akkoma Documentation aarch64/arm64 and armv7 releases are available, but further down on the page Installing on Linux using OTP releases - Akkoma Documentation tells only about amd64 (aka x86_x64).

So, which flavours do we have actually?

Only whatever is in the “Detecting flavour” section:

I think the mentions of arm flavours are leftovers from Pleroma which did have arm builds.

+1 on aarch64 OTP builds if possible, would make it much easier to install it on a Pi or on Oracle Cloud’s Always Free Tier powerful ARM VPS.

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i have attempted this, but oracle have zero arm capacity in my region

so this cannot happen in the near future

Hetzner now have arm64 vps, and have twice the ram/cores for the same $ as an x64 vps. The smallest one does anyway, which is what I tried. I ended up using Fedora37 and 38 as it came out while was mid setup, and did a source build and it was a rocket compared to x86 even being on the other side of the earth to me.



edit: I misread your comment about oracle and arm. Ah well.

thanks for the hetzner hint


it’s habbening


done, merged into develop