Anyone seeing more errors after upgrade to 3.5.0?

I seem to be seeing a few more issues after upgrading to 3.5.0 with federation. Is anyone seeing any unusual errors or amount of errors after updating to 3.5.0?

not much anyone can do here without you providing far more information


Sorry. Too little coffee today.

(anonomized log entries I’m looking at)

Dec 12 04:15:36 akkoma-s-2vcpu-4gb-sfo3-01 pleroma: [error] Error while fetching<user_id>/507680904823029538: {:error, {:content_type, “application/ld+json; profile="\”"}}

I’m going to guess it means I’m blocked from

that’ll be their content type being weird

they’ve got http instead of https in their profile header - that is not expected

wait no - did you copy that entirely as-is?

if so, it’s a pixelfed bug and they’ve somehow got an extra " in there

It shows up when I search from my Akkoma instance, but I can search just find from my PixelFed instance. I did copy directly from syslog (minus the missing username). But I thought the extra quote was escaped properly?

Dec 12 18:22:49 akkoma-s-2vcpu-4gb-sfo3-01 pleroma: [error] Error while fetching<user_ID>/506793545793221827: {:error, {:content_type, “application/ld+json; profile="\”"}}

If it’s a bug with them, you would see a similar error if searching for a user in the Pleroma-FE search bar on or some other account. (I hesitate to put other user names here since I don’t want to draw attention to them who have nothing to do with this I suspect).

it’s because pixelfed are inconsistent in their usage of the profile field

sometimes they use http, sometimes https

they shouldn’t do this, but we have to cover for their issues as always

“fixed” via allow http AS profile in ld+json header · 77e9a52450 - akkoma - Akkoma Development

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Awesome. I’ll also point it out to the devs on PixelFed as well.
It’ll be a while before the next OTP so I’m not sure what I’ll do in the meanwhile, but thank you so much. You’re amazing as always.

Looks like they found the recent change behind the latest. Thanks so much. I also opened up an issue with them to refactor http:// to https:// across all the code for that reference.