Any suggestions for an RSS bot that will work with Akkoma?

So there this Feed2Toot, which parses a RSS feed, extracts the last entries and sends them to your feed.

I have been tinkering with it but haven’t been able to get it to work for Akkoma/Pleroma. The part where it says says to Create credentials for Mastodon is where I’m lost and I can’t go further.

Any suggestions? Asking if there’s any I’ve missed out on? Or any pointers on how I could get Feed2Toot to work with Akkoma?

You might be able to use the value in the __Host-pleroma_key cookie you can see when you’re logged in a browser session? I’m not sure.

I found something that might work to let you generate the Oauth2 token which should also work. GitHub - prplecake/pleroma-access-token: Helps generate an access token, client id, and client secret for all that API fun.

There is a live site, but if you don’t want to use that, the sources are at the above link.

I came here to ask about RSS feeders like this. I’m wondering if Akkoma’s architecture has a natural way to host a “pull” that polls an external source for statuses.

If it does, I’m gonna have to learn Elixir…

I am using feediverse · PyPI which seems to work so far.
There is also a fork, which i haven’t tried yet though: GitHub - xopez/better_feediverse: Send RSS/Atom feeds to Mastodon


This looks very cool. Has anyone tried setting it up so that it only posts to the local timeline? I don’t like the idea of spamming everyone with RSS feeds. I am not sure but I think this might mean modifying Tips welcome if anyone has already done this.

If you are the admin of your instance, you can just moderate the user via the Admin-FE:
Choose the option “Force posts to be unlisted” from the dropdown.

The user profile settings also allow to set a default post visibility, but i do not know, if this is only for the web frontend, or if it will affect posts via the api.
If you want to try this first, i would like to hear, whether this works, or if admin intervention necessary .

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Thanks! Setting the post visibility to local in the user profile settings seems to have worked. There doesn’t appear to be an admin setting to force posts to be local.

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@django What needs to be entered for following (red arrow) prompts?

  • What is your app’s client id:
  • What is your client secret:

Do we need to go about generating it via Admin-FE? Could you please share how we do do that?

why did you enter ‘y’ if you evidently do not have your app’s credentials

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@FloatingGhost Because there are other scripts that take your Fediverse username as the ID.

Nevertheless, found it.

@django Is there a way to achieve what does? Fetch the RSS from multiple outlets?

have you looked at the config file? It should be YAML and the entry “feeds” looks like an array.
I haven’t tried it, but i assume just adding more items may yield the desired result.

Yes it’s just a YAML array - I have a number of different feeds in my config.

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