Akkoma stable 2024.02 - Background followbacks

Small little release for you today

New stuff

Automatic followback approval for locked accounts


Have a locked account? Want to allow people to follow you back without having to manually approve them? Well do we have the thing for you.

Check this little funny box and users you follow will be allowed to follow you back without needing to sit in your requests.

User background federation

You know you can set a background image in akkoma-fe? well, now that federates and will show when other people view your profile (you can disable displaying this if you want)

This is also interoperable with the sharkey feature that does the same thing. Hooray.

A security fix

You can turn emoji stealer back on now :slight_smile:

And more

As usual, a full list of changes can be found on the changelog


Same as ever! Updating your instance - Akkoma Documentation


Oneric - most of the stuff in here is from them! Big big thankies
erincandescent for pulling in and improving the security fix, and for messing with erlang vm stuff
rick for doc stuff yay
katafrakt and Yonle for making the API a bit more consistent
tcmal for messing with oauth stuffs
probably more! it’s been a while and the commit log is long


Thanks! Updated without issues it seems.