Akkoma stable 2023.05 - Baked beans and Spam

Been a few weeks, huh? I wasn’t really planning on making an entire release this month, but given current events on fedi I think I should push this out sooner rather than later

New Stuff

Direct Message Acceptance Settings


A feature that people have wanted since forever, but that has for some reason never been implemented. Well, now it has!

In your settings (under profile), you can now choose who should be able to send you direct messages. If you are sent a message that you do not allow, your address will be stripped from the message, preventing any notifications from being created and letting you live in peace.

New MRF for recently-created uers


Dealing with new accounts sending you too many sussy baka messages? Purge them. This MRF will reject all messages sent from accounts created within a certain recency.

This can have the side-effect of preventing people you have never interacted with from replying to you for a time, but for some this may be a tradeoff they are willing to make.

Enable RejectNewlyCreatedAccountNotesPolicy if you want this functionality.

A brand-new light theme for akkoma-fe

Not much to expand on here, it’s a theme!

if you like light themes, maybe try this out


Same as always!



This month thankies go out to:

  • denys for fixing a bunch of frontend-related things!
  • ilja for fixing a bug with bookmarks!
  • sanek for starting a massive documentation fixy-up thing, looks like it’s a lot of work
  • midnight, provable_ascent for fixing default value issues!
  • everyone that gave me information about the current spam wave, so i can help you filter it out. let me know if modus operandi change!

I had to explicitly checkout the 2023.05 tag instead of using the command in the doc, since I otherwise got last month’s release. Probably something to be aware of for other admins updating.

Otherwise, the update went quite smoothly.

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oh right I got the tag format wrong I’ll fix it


oooh very nice, especially considering recent events!

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@FloatingGhost Update went flawless! Thanks for all your work

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HOTFIX 1 - v3.9.2


This is somewhat urgent as far as updates go, so hop to it-to it!


That’s quick! Thank you @FloatingGhost !

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And v3.9.3 released now with the HTML sanitisation in the rich media parser

same deal as ever

please hold whilst i drink to remove this day from memory