Akkoma stable 2023.02 - lies, verifies and statistics

its-a me, release day, here again to ruin your schedule and make you question your sanity

since we didn’t have a january release, this is probably the biggest single release i have ever done. i’d make me opening quote something about alerting the guards but i’ve made that joke already.

no more fluff lets go

New stuff

Prometheus statistics

Returning from the dead in a new, improved form, we finally have common statistics being exported via prometheus for your graphing pleasure. These are locked behind an oauth wall, so you don’t need to worry about randoms scraping them or anything.

See Monitoring Akkoma - Akkoma Documentation for more information on setting this up for your instance.

Argon2 hashing

User passwords are now hashed with the recommended argon2 algorithm, keeping you and yours safer from any potential shennanigans. Passwords will be auto-upgraded on login, so you shouldn’t have to do anything here. Hooray.

Profile Link Verification

You know that little tick that appears next to profile links on mastodon? Well we have it now!


It works exactly as you might expect - you need a rel=me link to your profile on the link destination, and it’ll verify it as belonging to you. Pretty cool, huh? Feel free to look at mine as an example of how to set it all up.

Post language tagging

Another feature that has been on the to-do list for the longest time - finally posts are able to be tagged with which language they’re in. In a future release this will enable you to filter your timeline based on post language, but for now it’s just there as interesting metadata.


Follow request fixes

Yes crimew i see you and your insane follow request count. Follow requests are now paginated (compatible with mastodon API) and will be consistently ordered, which should make life a lot easier for you lot with insano numbers of follow requests. Hooray.

And more

As ever there’s a whole tonne more that either doesn’t have a visual component i can show off or just fixes stuff

Check out the changelog for a full list of things!


Is the same as always!

See Updating your instance - Akkoma Documentation for the instructions.

Note that from-source users are now recommended to use tagged releases to prevent frontend and backend version from slipping out of sync.

If you switched your frontend to develop over the past 2 months, now would be a good time to switch release tracks back to stable.


I might finally have to stop doing these, there’s too many!

  • ilja for delving far deeper into activity pruning than any sane person ever should
  • darkkirb, ihor for fixing exiftool, and the former for fixing up some masto compatibility
  • acuteaura, stefan, timorl, lechindianer, norm, knova for fixing documentation and other errata - it helps a lot!
  • a1batross, eris, beefox, sfr for bugfixes on the frontend
  • yanchan09 for making emoji picker S T R O N K E R - hopefully even weird german name instance’s emoji count will manage just fine with this

and thank floaty for reviewing all this mess we bring in :hugs: :heart:

Hey, quick question regarding quote posts.

The changelog says

Quote posts are now considered as part of the same thread as the post they are quoting

While on https://akkoma.social/ the following is stated:

Quote your friends

Want to comment on a post, but not in the same thread? Quote it!

Do these statements contradict each other and akkoma.social should be updated in this part, or is my understanding wrong?

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they’re considered the same “context” which is what threads are calculated using, but they’re not linked as reply chains

so it’s somewhat… semantics at this point


Latest stable release on git is still v3.5.0 (2022-12).

dunno if you missed or just didnt get to it yet ^^"

Very nice once again. Thank you team.

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I’m getting errors trying to update the fe

I’m using OTP

/opt/pleroma/bin/pleroma_ctl frontend install pleroma-fe --ref stable
–rpc-eval : RPC failed with reason :nodedown

I resolved it. After doing the migration, since my instance is small, I just rebooted (Which started akkoma again - I think this is the key piece) and then any reference updates to the pleroma-fe were updated and the command worked.

Side note: It might help to add the step to update the admin-fe after recommending updating the pleroma-fe since I didn’t do that at first either.

Thank you again for all your hard work on this . You’re amazing.

As a workaround, I checked out commit f92484fd01681a4506320f3eb008e33c6c35f31a instead.

Update went flawless, thanks for keeping the heat on!

I will surely have a look at that Prometheus stuff! Where can I find the Grafana dashboard you are showing in your intro?

By the way, the colour of the buttons on the authentication screen seem a little off?
Black on black :slight_smile:

Congrats on the biggest release of 2023 so far. Thanks!

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Thanks for all of your great work. If anyone else is trying to get the verification working, I had to edit my profile and save it before the tick would appear.

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