Akkoma stable 2022.11 - need4tomodachi

jesse… jesse… we’ve got to look at overly long sql queries

Another month, another release - this time with more fun stuff.

I’ll start off by saying henlo to all the new people around here! I hope your migration from the other place is going well and that you’re figuring out the esoteric cuture of fedi. You’ll figure it out eventually.

Oh, and we’ve got a new landing site now! https://akkoma.social - that should be an easy introduction to any newbies debating migrating or whatnot.

Enough fluff, let’s a-go

New stuff

The Admin Panel

At long last, moderation actions are available in pleroma-fe! You no longer have to go into admin-fe to see your reports and act on them. It’s a first pass, but it works!

Hooray for not having to keep two tabs open at all times if you’re an admin.

Instance Information on posts

Ever sat there wondering if the user who sent a post was using pleroma or akkoma? Can you send them emoji reacts? Wonder no longer! Now the software the instance is running will be available via the alt text of the favicon. There’s a bunch more info in the actual API, but this is our first implementation of it.

Inbound follow request “reminders”

Small one, this. When a user has requested to follow you, and their request is sitting in your inbox, their profile will reflect this. Now you don’t need to wonder “did so-and-so send me a request?”, since it’ll… just tell you!


MFM Autocomplete

This one speaks for itself! You don’t need to remember all the MFM tags anymore, it’ll be autocompleted for you whenever you type $[, like it would for emoji



This was technically in a hotfix for last stable, but this is the first proper release with it in.

Timeline and notification queries are now between 30% and 50% faster. Gotta go SPEEDY.


An official docker release!

Third party containers are a thing of the past, now we have a proper way to deploy in docker

It’ll act as a pretty thin wrapper around akkoma’s dependencies, so it’ll be like you’re running from source, but without having to keep an elixir/erlang environment locally.

Checkout Installing in Docker - Akkoma Documentation for more info!

Full changelog

Full changelog is at akkoma/CHANGELOG.md at develop - akkoma - Akkoma Development as ever


As usual

From source

sudo systemctl stop akkoma
git pull
MIX_ENV=prod mix deps.get
MIX_ENV=prod mix compile
MIX_ENV=prod mix ecto.migrate
MIX_ENV=prod mix pleroma.frontend install pleroma-fe --ref stable
sudo systemctl start akkoma


./bin/pleroma_ctl update --branch stable
./bin/pleroma stop # or systemctl stop
./bin/pleroma_ctl migrate
./bin/pleroma daemon # or systemctl start
./bin/pleroma_ctl frontend install pleroma-fe --ref stable

Some meta-notes

The last month, for obvious reasons, has been one of massive user influx. Whereas before akkoma was used only by a handful of instances I knew the admins of personally, we’re now seeing about 170 akkoma instances - which is great, but I won’t say it’s not a little scary.

Whilst those that contribute to akkoma try their best, with this level of influx it may not always be possible for us to get back to you immediately, sorry about that!

I guess that’s as good a segue as ever into


This month, the biggest, most influxiest thankies go out to:

sfr@snowdin.town - The entire admin panel was their work! Pretty impressive honestly
ilja@ilja.space for the help stablilising tests! Help on the backend is super appreciated
solidsanek@outerheaven.club for the MFM autocomplete!
sn0w@cofe.rocks, @xarvos@outerheaven.club, @eloy@hsnl.social, tcit, norm, nullobsi for various fixes all over the place, thanks for spotting them!


perhaps worth mentioning here, to any instances that might censor their SimplePolicy blocks through the backend:
domains are no longer regexes
ex**ple.com => example.com does not work, and you will be opening yourself up to blocked instances
*.example.com is a special case that is preserved for backwards compatibility but be aware


ah but example.com now implicitly covers *.example.com

or, everything is a wildcard


Yay! New Release!

continues to run develop

yaaaaaaaaaaaay udpate :DDD

Nice update, thanks a lot. I will try to install it today. :smile:

@FloatingGhost Update succeeded, but the favicon with version alt text seems only to be displayed on posts from my own instance. Do i need to activate some special setting for this?

it should be on by default, but check that akkoma/config.exs at develop - akkoma - Akkoma Development is enabled

Thanks for the hint.
It was disabled, i enabled it, but the favicons are still missing.

I stand corrected: i get favicons for some instances. So maybe more will show up with time?

yep correct - we’ll fetch them when they send us activities, so it’ll slowly populate over time

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Starting to familiarize myself with Akkoma, so excuse a potentially dump question.
How does the 2022.11 release fit with the backend version shown in the UI? Am I running 2022.11?


Talking upgrades, the documention shows how to upgrade the backend: Installing in Docker - Akkoma Documentation
How would I go about upgrades to the frontends? Treat it like a new install?

mix pleroma.frontend install pleroma-fe

HOTFIX: Update your pleroma-fe


./bin/pleroma_ctl frontend install pleroma-fe --ref stable

From source

MIX_ENV=prod mix pleroma.frontend install pleroma-fe --ref stable

backend is fine though, only frontend needs updating

yeah sadly elixir doesn’t let us use custom versions, so we have to use semver

3.4.0 is 2022.11

and yes, a reinstall of a FE is how you update

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Is this also true in the Admin-FE interface?

If I say example.com in the MRF Simple policy list, would it block all subdomains of example.com? or do I need *.example.com?

Unfortunately the documentation doesn’t show how the syntax is supposed to be.


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yes, it’s wildcard by default

you only need the base domain