Akkoma stable 2022.10 - the kitchen sync

Just a small one for you this month, a bit of a maintenance release, been a bit of a sleepy tired month for me, but i’ve still got a few little bits and bobs for you lot - mostly around frontend user experience stuffs. Enjoy!


Settings Profiles

Ever set up a new browser and had to set all of your settings up again? Annoying, isn’t it? No longer! Releasing this month is the initial implementation of settings profiles, which is a way to sync your settings to a specific profile, and then load it anywhere else! Every time you change a setting, it’ll get sent to the server, and pulled within 10 minutes to all of your other clients!


The delete and redraft button

Yes we’ve got editing, yes we’ve got deleting, but there’s a very common use case for deleting to change the scope - well, now you can do that in a single action and never make the mistake of not reattaching your media! Hooray.



Is the same as ever!

as ever

# from source
git pull origin/stable
export MIX_ENV=prod
mix deps.get
mix compile
mix ecto.migrate
mix pleroma.frontend install pleroma-fe --ref stable
# optionally
mix pleroma.frontend install admin-fe --ref stable
mix pleroma.frontend install mastodon-fe --ref akkoma
./bin/pleroma stop
./bin/pleroma_ctl update --branch stable
./bin/pleroma_ctl migrate
./bin/pleroma_ctl frontend install pleroma-fe --ref stable
# optionally
./bin/pleroma_ctl frontend install admin-fe --ref stable
./bin/pleroma_ctl frontend install mastodon-fe --ref akkoma

./bin/pleroma start


This month, thankies go out to:

  • helene@p.helene.moe for half the bugfixes we stole took with permission
  • sfr@snowdin.town for the delete and redraft button
  • mergan@pleroma.viridianpatriots.com for some absolute format wizardry in allowing animated aPNGs to be detected as animated for pause-until-hover functionality
  • norm as ever for finding stuff that probably should get merged
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