Aesthetics: what to do even?

i’ve been asked at least once “do you have a logo”, and no, we don’t

the docs page still has the pleroma base logo so we should probably debate changing that

we seem to already have an accent colour, but beyond that i’m not artsy

do we just remove all logos/branding and say to heck with it?

:akko_weary: /j

but i think an akko emoji Makes Sense at least for now

I would say not to have akko be the direct logo because of copyright risks but like, a cute “a” or “ak” in the style of magical girl with like a star or something, that would be cute?

Definitely better to just design an original one. I bet you could create a contest on fedi or something and people can submit different ones


The idea of a contest seams quite cool. Even if it’s just for inspiration. I think that great ideas might come from it.