About the name for the frontend

so yeah
it’s changed enough from pleroma-fe to warrant a new name
but i don’t exactly think calling it “akkoma-fe” would be right – after all it is not the “default frontend” it is simply the one everyone uses

classic-fe maybe? i think that’s a catchy name that makes enough sense
the final decision is up to @FloatingGhost but i think the more ideas the better

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I like classic-fe, but also think the Akkoma team does the work anyway to justify calling it akkoma-fe if they wanted.

still one of the first core changes of akkoma was to rip out pleroma-fe from the backend, and to stop treating it as the de jure “official” frontend
feels like taking two steps back to now call it akkoma-fe

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are there any plans to make progress on this? @FloatingGhost

I mean thats what it is though. Features have to be enabled by a frontend where applicable so it makes sense.


no, that’s not what it is. as i said, one of the first actions done with Akkoma was the separation of the frontend from the backend. it is not the “official” or “default” frontend. you now have to install it manually. it just happens to be codeveloped with the backend in mind. naming it “akkoma-fe” makes just as much sense as renaming Husky to “Akkoma Mobile”

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if you want to name th FE with a different name than akkoma-FE, why not keep using material from Little Witch Academia ?
This FE could be named after the magical staff of the show :


They aren’t perfect but I figured I’ll throw in the idea.