Ability to follow hashtags

Hi all,

So far I’m loving Akkoma as my Fediverse platform but one major feature that seems to be missing for me, when compared to Mastodon is the ability to follow hashtags which was implemented in Mastodon 4.

Was wondering if we could get this feature implemented in Akkoma as well? It’s such a great feature to have as I find it very easy to follow the topic I’m interested in rather than who posted it.



I would like to add my vote to this. I think this feature is rapidly being seen as a very strong platform differentiator. I’m not sure about the details of how Mastodon does it, but I know that adding this would leapfrog Akkoma ahead of Mastodon in terms of “killer features” for more people.


i am god and then you know come on it’s time to go eat the timelines
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You are indeed amazing. Thank you so much and I hope this gets into the next OTP release! Holy smokes that’s amazing.

Amazing! I am assuming there will be a place to see hashtags and follow/unfollow like accounts? Amazing. Truly amazing!

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I would like to add that I took a brief look a the change-log. Holy smokes that was a TON of work. Thank you so much again… It really is something I’m really really looking forward to, hopefully soon.

Hello, +1 for this feature from a new Akkoma user (on my personal Fediverse corner)!
Thanks in advance!

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This is now possible with Akkoma 3.5 release that came out over the weekend. Be sure to update your instance to get this feature!

I will, I will. Scared, but I will :slight_smile:
Thanks again!

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I would like to see this feature too!

I followed too many hashtags and now I didn’t remember which one I’m following :rofl:

Are you running your own instance? I use a workaround to query via the cli to see the list. Using psql. Not sure if it’s really recommended though. It’s pretty “hack-like”.

Yeah! that’s what I just did. :joy:

I promoted this feature to my instance users, and they have faced the same issue.
I think we can put it on the profile page, it may be a new section around the following but just for tags.

Mastodon apparently has the following API endpoint that will return all followed tags for a user.

I think that returns all your followed tags. Based on my question in a different thread here, that endpoint was not implemented in the recent addition to follow and unfollow hashtags for Akkoma. I suppose opening a request to have that (or a similar endpoint) API endpoint added for Akkoma would make the most sense.

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Thank you @FloatingGhost for the commits to support the followed_tags endpoint. It’s always amazing to see Akkoma’s development progressing so well. Thank you.