Quick clarification question on Bubble timeline - filtering TKNW or pulling "new"?

Just a quick question about the bubble timeline. I just wanted to check to see if it’s just a filtered view of the Known Network, or is it something that goes and pulls from the various instances’ public list (i.e. https:///public/local)?

I believe it’s just a filtering of the posts that your instance already knows about and not pulling “new” from the instance, but I just wanted to double-check.

Thank you.

You add instances to the bubble timeline configuration and you will see the public posts from those instances in the bubble timeline.

I tried it out briefly, but when I compared what was in the bubble timeline vs looking at the instance’s public/local timeline, there was a very large discrepancy. It could be due to the way I’m showing posts, but it seemed like the bubble timeline was just showing me the Known Network, filtered on just the bubble-listed instance. I was seeing a lot of posts on the instance’s public feed, but very few, or just older ones in the bubble timeline.

That’s my understanding. No additional fetching

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which is perfect; it shows replies as well which is more helpful than an instances local timeline IMO.

I love it.