Questions on Akkoma

I want to ask a few things about Akkoma for curiosity and research before migrating:

  1. Does Akkoma rebases/merges some upstream improvements from Pleroma?
  2. Is it possible to revert to Pleroma? How hard it is to do so?

I’m quite liking the MFM support and MeiliSearch support here, so I think I’ll move regardless though

Pleroma → akkoma is a one-way street unless someone creates a migration tool, but they’ve diverged quite a bit at this point so I’m not sure how feasible it’d be to do it in relative ease.

the above is not quite correct

we cherry-pick certain changes from pleroma, mostly critical ones at this point. we used to a lot more, but the developer that was doing a lot of the big improvements to pleroma left.

we’re not against it on principal though

as for going from akkoma to pleroma, this is covered in the FAQ on it would be a little more involved than going pleroma to akkoma but entire possible

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