Problems with "-" in domain names?

I have set up a new instance for a not-for-profit organisation I am supporting and noticed that Akkoma seems to have issues with domains which include a “-”?

First attempt, a “proper” account, works:


Second attempt, an account with a few dashes, won’t work:

In the log I see the below, please note that all dashes are gone?

09:59:58.305 [warning] Can’t find LRDD template in “”: {:error, “non-existing domain”}

The same happens with my personal account:

Here as well, the dash got removed?

10:02:18.597 [warning] Can’t find LRDD template in “”: {:error, “non-existing domain”}

Bug or feature? :grinning:

yeah i just found a line on User.Search that randomly replaces URL-reserved characters with “”

i love inheriting code


Thanks for confirming, is there a workaround I can use until you manage to put a fix into a release?
I am running stable via Docker/OTP

yeah, if you can use the URL as-is (i.e it won’t escape like that

it’s only if you try searching for the @user@domain style

Hm, I seem to be missing something.

What I try to do is to follow these accounts, and up to now I always went via search and the hit the follow button.
Now, if I try this with eg. or my personal it still won’t find the account?


Also tried this from their website, but no success.

ah that’s mastodon being… mastodon

their actual url is (no @)

incidentally, fixed via Allow dashes in domain name search · b058df3faa - akkoma - Akkoma Development


Bingo, that did the trick! And a good workaround for me, I won’t have users come on just yet.