Migration instructions?

Hi, I’m trying to migrate my fedi instance from a Pleroma build and I was wondering if there were any Akkoma-specific instructions for this. I found this, which is similar to the Pleroma instructions, but I was wondering how much breakage there currently is between the two instances.

Thanks in advance for your help!

instructions are here: Migrating to Akkoma - Akkoma Documentation

Thanks for the link. I’m running Pleroma from a Docker container. Can I just build the Akkoma container using the Dockerfile in the repo? What migration steps do I run afterward?

GitHub - hyena-network/akkoma-docker: docker-(compose) files for Akkoma (Pleroma fork) may be of use to you

i personally have never tried running in a container, so be careful, and i’ve no idea how you’d migrate, but that should give you what you need

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We now also have Installing in Docker - Akkoma Documentation

Which provided you’ve got the postgres container lying around, should be mostly drop-in.

All you really need to do is make sure the database and config is the same, and this should work

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Prepare the system
Clone the akkoma repository
git clone AkkomaGang/akkoma: A place of adventure, a place of danger, a place of excitement - akkoma - Akkoma Development -b stable

the stable branch doesn’t have docker-resources directory

yeah this is true, it’s develop for now

it’ll go stable soon

Yup, managed to migrate to Akkoma with relatively few hiccups. Thanks for the help!

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