Mastodon-fe issues after upgrade to 2022.12

Hi! I’m having a couple of issues since the last upgrade (which is great btw).

  • mastodon-fe is not refreshing the timeline anymore, not by itself and not by clicking on Home
  • The /web url is being rewritten (domain/notifications instead of domain/web/notifications) which breaks the UX whenever I hit reload

Is there something from my side that I have to fix?
I’m getting this error in the browser console:
The VAPID public key is not set. You will not be able to receive Web Push Notifications.
This is weird, I double checked and it’s in the config.

yeah, mastodon had their big v4 update and their frontend changed enough to break some things

the fedibird one works slightly better

masto-fe issues aren’t massively high-up on the priority list, so i might recommend switching to fedibird-fe as a stop-gap - it’s almost identical and easlier to support


Thanks, I switched to fedibird-fe and it’s definitely working better. I’ll use that :slight_smile: