Favicon and image next to name on posts

How do I change the favicon and image next to usernames on posts in pleroma-fe or admin-fe?

I only know about the favicon. The path is:


Can use other image formats ofc.

There is some other configurations possible using the static_dir.

You have any idea how to change the default user icon?
was actually wondering this myself

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default user icon can be changed in one of two ways


  • setting it in admin-fe (under frontend)
  • overriding images/avi.png in your instance_static directory in the manner described in Static Directory - Akkoma Documentation (though i really should add the avi.png explicitly), so the default path to override would be instance/static/images/avi.png

of these two the first is preferred

I am asking about the instance type icon to the right of a username on posts.
I assume it’s representative of Akkoma for my username but I’d like to disable all of them.
The image matches that of the favicon.

The Instances favicons setting for Control favicons for instances doesn’t seem to do that.

do you have a screenshot of that?
I don’t really know what icon we’re talking about…

If you see the tab at the top with the favicon you can see the image.
Now check next to JoYo joyo you’ll see the same image.
This changes based on the poster’s instance favicon.


I put an empty file at the favicon path and it modified both images so it looks like they’re the same file.

It looks like Control favicons for instances toggle doesn’t work as intended or is ambiguous.

yes that is the favicon

it’s not possible to disable that display

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I was able to disable them by putting

config :pleroma, :instance_favicons,
  enabled: false

into my config file.
Dunno if that is broken when configuring from database maybe?

that’ll stop us fetching more, but the ones we already have will still be there