Custom emojis not showing in picker

After upgraded Akkoma today to latest 07a48b9293 source, pleroma-fe to stable, 2 issues occurred with custom emojis:

  1. Pleroma-FE emoji picker not showing the installed emoji packs, but only the unicode emojis. Strangely, Tusky and Mangane emoji pickers still work.
  2. After restarting akkoma, the emoji settings in Admin-FE > Settings > Emoji are all empty. Had to click “Refresh local packs” to see the installed packs.

How do I debug the issues? Thanks!

you’ve got a mismatch between your frontend and backend

if you’re running stable backend, run stable frontend

but since you’re develop backend, you’ll need develop frontend as well

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Oh I see! Thanks for the quick reply.

Was going to use pleroma-fe develop, but upon first launch, I noticed the top nav bar became a grey bar with no button, so I quickly switched to stable as a fix.

Thanks for the guidance. I’ve updated pleroma-fe to develop. For users not logged in, the nav bar is greyed out. See here: Akkoma

OTOH, logged in users don’t seem affected. I wonder why?