Cannot fetch own profile statuses while logged-in

yeah did more crimes in the code, and the whole fetch_activities_query is ok…

my last test is to see if fetch_paginated_optimized is entered from fetch_activities and maybe comment maybe_update_cc

my bet is that the issue lays in rendering to json

I have a logger before and after calling ActivityPub.fetch_user_activities in the statuses account controller and I never get the one after it, so the issue still seems inside it.

Could it be inside Pagination.fetch_paginated ?
I tried commenting maybe_update_cc after the reverse and that didn’t helped, so I feel the pagination thingy is my issue.

I will try to get a deeper look later when I will get more motivation to dig more into the code.

Sadly the issue resolved by itself so it seemed to be a temporary issue but that was still present for a long time.

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