Anyone else having issues with account activation emails?

All the other emails are sending out fine, from the test email to registration emails to notifications of new reports. But for some reason it’s not telling users when I approve their accounts! Anyone else having a problem with this, or know where to look to fix it?

I had trouble registering for the git repository earlier this week - it would send activation e-mails but when I clicked on the link it would say that it had expired. I tried again today and it worked.

My instance emails were not working properly for a long time, but now they work. cleared out the mailer information in admin-fe and re-input it. For my side, I think it was user-error. I was receiving the digest but users would not see their activation email :')

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What services are people using for mailer? I haven’t been able to get any to work successfully.

Migadu with SMTP here. Works very well for me.

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i use sendgrid, and it seems to mostly work aside from the occasional issues i’m having

I have looked at signing up with them but the steps for getting an account set up for just my tiny little instance are pretty long. They want screen shots and a company website showing what kind of business I’m running as well as social media showing who I am and how I’m connected to the business. The thing is, this is just a little instance for a few friends and I just want a way to send password resets and possibly digest emails.

SMTP also doesn’t send the emails for me either with my associates gmail account and I don’t know how to automate the API key refresh for doing the direct GMail connector.

I use migadu and they are wonderful.

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