Almost every post shows as repeated

Hi, just curious what could be causing nearly every post to show as repeated/boosted. I suspect it is the relays, but wondered if there was any knowledge on this from official channels.


mh? could you link such post directly here? couldn’t it be that these posts really have repeats?

Seeing the same on my instance. Seems all posts from relay would appear as having 1 repeat.

In Pleroma-FE, If I click on the post’s timestamp (to “focus” on the post), then the repeat count reset itself to zero.


Yeah they don’t when you open the post as @ninja said, it shows no repeats when you click to see who it is.

example in Federated feed

Then when opened post:

Link to post: Ursula Zwetschkenblau: " Goodness that …" - Mastodon Wien
Not a biggie, just not right :person_shrugging:

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