Allow to send notifications via e-mail/pushover/pushbullet/etc

Akkoma is great, but the mobile apps (especially those tailored for Mastodon) aren’t supporting all the features Akkoma offers. That’s why many of us are using the Pleroma-FE via mobile. It’s comfortable but (of course) lacks notifications.
Would it be possible to implement notifications via e-mail (and/or via the mobile push services like pushover/pushbullet/etc.) or just a webhook to call one of those services’s API? This would solve the problem and would be platform independent.

Thank you!

Ideally, we could have different webhooks for different notifications: boost, reply, favourite, new follower, etc.

I have one user who would really like this. Thy like having all their mentions show up in their inbox so they can use them as a personal archive. Apparently Mastodon does something like this, but I don’t know the details.

there is an email digest config option under Mailer in admin-fe, but i do not know if it works since i’ve never seen anybody use it

Never tried it, but it’s something you’d be receiving at specific times, not as an “immediate notification”

How about UnifiedPush support? UnifiedPush support