Akkoma Pleroma-FE - Font adjustment for web app for mobile

Hi all,

Loving the latest Akkoma release, am so happy that 3.5.0 upgrades Pleroma-FE so that now it’s a proper PWA.

Only issue is that for some reason I find the font size to be too small for mobile, works great for desktops, mobile, not so much.

Was wondering if there was a way to adjust this, can’t seem to find it in the settings panel.

May you please advise? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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Could you do a browser zoom?

update: yeah I can’t do that with Fennec :thinking:

No, browser zoom doesn’t work and if I use the force zoom in the browser’s accessibility settings, it’s basically a magnifying glass feature which isn’t what I’m looking for. All I need is the font to be a bit bigger, don’t need everything else to be bigger lol.

I know that the 3rd party Android apps have this feature, but was hoping Pleroma-FE does too since Akkoma’s implementation has all the Akkoma-specific functionality like Bubble timeline that the Mastodon apps don’t.

Husky Beta has Bubble timeline, but search is broken in the beta (they know).

Yup, right now that’s my workaround, use Husky Beta but when I need to search or edit posts, I go web interface, it’s annoying going back and forth but it is what it is until they release a new beta to fix the search issue and I see in the commits that an edit button is coming.

Hopefully the ability to follow hashtags in the app would follow suit.

Was originally hoping I can adjust the font size in the web app so that I can just rely on the web app as it is now a PWA…

Search is now working again in husky 1.40-beta3. If I get some spare time over the holidays I would like to add the ability to follow hashtags, or perhaps someone else will get there first.

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you can probably steal that feature from tusky, they already have it, so a rebase should just work ™

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